Your hat size

Different countries have different ways of measuring hat size. In Europe it is measured in centimetres. Other countries use inches. The United States have their own specific measurements. The British have their own which is slightly different to the Americans.

The most common way is to measure in centimetres, which is our method.

Or you can use a hat size chart to convert from your preferred method directly to centimetres so you can order from us.

People often ask if having a big head is a sign of intelligence. The answer is no. But wearing a hat that’s the right size almost certainly is.

How to measure your head.

It is easier to get someone to take your head measurement than to do it yourself. However, this is how it is done.

Take a tape measure and place one end in the centre of your forehead at around the level where you would like your hat to sit, usually between one and two centimetres above the eye brows. Pass it around your head and back to the middle of your forehead. If there are any bumps make sure these are included.

This should read between 55 and 59 centimetres for most women, and between 56 and 62 centimetres for most men. Add a half centimetre to the reading unless you want the hat to be very tight.

Remember, if it is too tight it may leave a red mark on your forehead.

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