Why slow fashion?

Everyone says the world has to change. But what do we do about it? We believe fashion plays a vital role, both symbolic and practical.

Fashion deals in symbols so the choices we make as producers and consumers are highly visible. Slow fashion means a return to apparel that is not throwaway and does not waste resources on trivia, that is responsibly made by companies that respect and look after the people that work for them, that encourages diversity in its workforce.

75% of our staff come from diverse backgrounds. They work with us not for this reason but because they are the best at what they do. They take pride in making your hats and in training and nurturing others.

We always work with the same suppliers and our long lasting relationships with them mean we can be sure of the materials we use.

Our hats will last a lifetime if looked after properly. They are designed to always be in fashion. Some of the models date back to the origins of our company.

Craftsmanship. Fashion made to last. Responsibility and pride in how we make your hats. This is slow fashion and this is our future.


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Care of your hat

Here are some simple rules that will help to keep your hat in shape and looking good.
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