Atelier 144

Atelier 144 is the brand name of our ladies couture hat range, with its own flagship store at 23 rue Saint Sulpice in Paris’s sixth arrondissement.

They are all created in our workshop and are designed either for special occasions or simply for when you want an exquisite handmade hat.

The collections are divided into winter and summer, both of which are available at all times. In the summer selection you can choose from a wide variety of colours (see colour swatches) to go with your outfit.

If you are not sure of your head size, please refer to our section on how to measure your head size.

Please feel free to contact us directly on if you would like further details added such as a veil (netting) or other decoration. This may affect the price.

You can also send photos of your outfit and personal photos if you would like us to suggest which hat or hats may suit it best.

Please be aware that hats from this section take longer to produce so try to order one month in advance where possible, or email if sooner to check the delay.