How to choose a hat

If you are not familiar with hat wearing there are certain guidelines that can help, though we believe all rules are made to be broken.

For example, if you have a long face you might wish to avoid a hat with a high crown, as this will tend to elongate your features.

If you wear glasses, you should choose hats that reveal rather than hide the face, since your glasses take up much of your facial area already.

If you are tall you can more easily wear a wide brim than if you are less so..

If you have a pale complexion, go for warmer colours, rather than black or white

However, the fact is that it is your mental attitude that truly determines whether a hat suits you. If you are happy and confident in it, the chances are that it will suit you. And the more you are used to wearing hats the more styles you will be able to wear with ease.

Ask the opinion of good friends but make up your own mind, because others can be. influenced by what they would wear themselves, rather than what suits you and expresses your own personality.

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Care of your hat

Here are some simple rules that will help to keep your hat in shape and looking good.
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